Thanks for checking out the site.

Let me introduce myself.. I’m Simon Head and I am the owner/operator of Insight Recorders. I’ve been actively recording and producing bands and music since 1994.  I’ve since branched off into a few other things, but I primarily record and do live sound.
My full time gig is Front of House Engineer at the Richmond Hill Centre for the performing arts.  I do manage to take some of the summer off to focus on other jobs.
I also work at a few other things like:

  • Tour Management
  • Live Sound
  • Record Live Music
  • Online Music Mixing
  • Webdesign
  • Sound Design (documentaries, television, movies)
  • 3D printing services

Feel free to click on “Services” above.  I have listed all of the things as a digital resume.

Click on ‘Rates‘, I think you’ll find that I’m very fair regarding my rates

There is also a Store component to the site.  I am selling my music per album.  I’m working on a per song set up right now.

I do not deal with iTunes and their rates!! You can purchase music directly from me.
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